Focus on key skills

Being proficient actually means mastery over a whole gamut of skills that include Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening aspects in English. MELT program focuses on overall skill development in an effective way.

Be a part of community

Being a mithran member, you can participate in exciting opportunities to display your English skills to the fellow members , learn from others and help others learn.

Preserve your uniqueness

With effective language skills you need not feel low anywhere, thus set up a clear platform to communicate your thoughts precisely.

Effective and Affordable

Good high quality programs need not always cost a fortune. MELT is designed to reach even the grassroot levels ,since we are clear , no one should miss the opportunity to learn English just because they cant afford it.

Mithran English Language Training

How MELT Works?

It is an unique program that focuses on learning habit development

MELT aims to accord extreme importance to frequent habitual learning which would help a learner imbibe every word they learnt, at their pace. Hence, practice becomes the heartline of MELT.